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Meh, Myself, and I

How do you find your way out of "meh"?


Summer Reading Goal

I've never actually made an official "reading list" but sometimes I think maybe I should start so that I don't forget what books I meant to read. My problem is, when I want to read, I feel the need to escape and not "think". So I tend to find myself re-reading my favorite books; the… Continue reading Summer Reading Goal

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I. Am. Spartan.

Two weeks ago, Morgan, her husband JT, my friend Gavin, and I ran our first Spartan Sprint. It was insane. 4.8 miles of ranch terrain, 20+ obstacles, and moody Texas weather.

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Running… Some Motivation Required

For looks, for health, for sanity... continuing an exercise program or sticking to a training regimen takes discipline, commitment, and motivation. Why are we here at FreeFlyinFemale insane enough to try a Spartan? Let's talk our reasons for running...


The Patio Set and a Lesson Learned

On the same beautiful, sunny, happy day that we bought the new patio set, the one at Home Depot that we had been eyeing for a whole year. The only one my husband and I could agree on. On that same day, our private space was violated.

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Fixing Yesterday

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Lewis Carroll's Alice series. She is talking to one of the Wonderland creatures and says that she could tell them of her adventures, but  she states, "It's no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then." This quote resonates with me so much… Continue reading Fixing Yesterday

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My Mothers Strings

As I am slowly trying to pull myself away and cut the strings that I thought had already been cut. I can feel her sewing those strings into my son.