About Morgan



So if you’re reading this, obviously you want to know a little more about one of the women behind this blog.

My name is Morgan. Currently, I go by Morgan Taylor and Morgan Downing. Taylor is my middle name and Downing is my married name.


Speaking of which, I am married. We have been together since September 2009 and tied the knot in October 2015. I love my husband very much (no matter how much he may annoy me at times) and I cannot imagine my life without him.


We have one baby boy together. As of March 2015 (yep…same year that we got hitched, thank you for noticing).

But this blog isn’t about them. Even though there may occasionally be a post that concerns them.

I have had a really tenuous relationship with my mother and it has only gotten more strained as the years go on. The inspiration for my part of this blog stems from that relationship and some other issues that have come to my attention.

I started a “lifestyle” blog previously where I write a little about everything (morgantaylorblog.net). But I’ve realized that my real goal for blogging and writing in general is to bring something of value to people. To help someone through a tough time or just to help them feel better about themselves in general.

Lately, I have seen a lot of hate and just plain awfulness on social media. I have been tempted to just completely delete myself from there – even though none of it has been directed at me – I simply don’t like all of the negativity. But as I was contemplating turning everything off and disconnecting from the world just to simply have peace and enjoy the little moments more…a little voice inside my head said “No. That’s not the right way to handle this. This is the time to speak out not hide out.”

So here I am. I am speaking out and speaking for the little people who need to love themselves and be free to be who they are. The people who hide their true selves because they’re afraid they won’t have any friends. There’s millions of people in the world – broaden your horizons and realize your full potential as a person and a human being.

My goal for this blog is to have one post at least every week. Even if it is just sharing some of my favorite inspirational messages. I want to have good content for you, my readers, and that takes time. I do have a regular 9-5 plus an at home part-time plus a family so my time is strained a little.

I graduated from Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas in 2014 with a BA in Mass Media, concentration in Convergent Journalism and a minor in Sociology. I am not a therapist, psychologist, or counselor. This blog consists of my thoughts/opinions/experiences and may not be the same for every person. Just because something worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you. If you have had other experiences, please feel free to comment or submit articles to be posted.

Thanks ya’ll!

Live.Laugh.Love & Dance in the Rain!!