About Amber


I’m glad you made it here. I’m the other half of FreeFlyinFemale. I’ve been called many things – “hey, you,” “Miss!” “Batgirl,” “crazy,” “the one that does Playboy,” and some other choice words, but mostly, I’m just Amber.


So who am I? Well, I’m almost 30. That’s a big one. I’m turning 30 this year. It’s caused me some moments. I am a graduate student at Texas Tech University pursuing my Ph.D. in History. I specialize in all sorts of things I won’t bore you with, but my dissertation topic is on Playboy magazine in the Vietnam War. I am the proud puppy parent of Pecos, my mutt that looks like a mop. He’s seriously the most adorable thing in existence. Period.

I am utterly, unquestionably, single.

The only trifecta here I’m missing to be a crazy cat lady is a cat.

I wanted to join Morgan in this blog experience because we both come from the same hometown and similar backgrounds, but our lives have taken different paths. Yet, we both believe in the power of the written word, and the importance of finding and embracing the person you want to be. I have experienced a lot of backlash in the recent months as my outspokenness on controversial topics has lost me friends and relationships. I’ve been attacked and belittled for merely disagreeing with others. My decision to pursue my Ph.D. is constantly mocked as either a waste of time or that I believe I’m better than my friends and peers.

What I hope to do is here is help Morgan spread love and happiness 20160824_164205and hope. I hope to talk about the issues I face, but try to find the humor, the positivity, and the lessons in those experiences. Maybe me trying to figure out my life, deal with my conflicting political opinions, and face the contradictory nature of human beings will be useful or relevant to someone. If all that fails, I can always talk about my entry into epic Nerd-dom. Yes, I started playing D&D. It’s true. (And fun!)

When I was young, I thought I would have my life together at 30. I thought I would be married, with a kid, a career, and I’d be obnoxiously happy. I’m not that person. Life turned out differently, and so I’m still trying to figure out exactly who I am and where my life is going, and I hope this blog and that journey helps you find and be happy with who you are. At the very least, I hope we can entertain you and bring som
e light and laughter into your week and encourage you to be unfailingly, unapologetically, brilliantly, authentically YOU as we try to figure out how to do the same.

So welcome! From my over-caffeinated heart to yours! ❤