Summer Reading Goal

I’ve never actually made an official “reading list” but sometimes I think maybe I should start so that I don’t forget what books I meant to read. My problem is, when I want to read, I feel the need to escape and not “think”. So I tend to find myself re-reading my favorite books; the Outlander series, Twice Loved by Lavyrle Spencer, the Into the Wilderness series, and Harry Potter. Or I find myself looking for a super easy, below my reading level dystopian teen book on Amazon. Or a trashy, sex in the second chapter, naked man on the front, romance novel. When I actually have a pretty long list of real, decent, adult books that I want to read before I croak.

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan; for instance. I swear I started this series when I was in middle school. The first couple of books were easy in those days when I had a lot of spare time. I’m pretty sure I was reading the sixth book when I was 12 on our trip to Canada. Guess what book I’m still on? Damn Lord of Chaos, book 6. But now I have it on my kindle – with the hope that seeing a percentage of progress at the bottom will make me feel like I’m actually getting somewhere. I also occasionally switch it up and read the paperback copy too.

It’s not that it’s a bad book, or a bad series…it’s not even the fact that it is a TON of reading (book 6 has 986 pages). It is the amount of characters and plot lines that makes it hard to keep up with. If I read more than one chapter at a time, I usually end up with a headache (and not from trying to channel the One Power). I am currently on Chapter 9 of 56 if you include the Epilogue – which I do. So, if I read a chapter a day, I can finish the book around September…ish? And be done with it. #goals

Anyone who hasn’t read this series…consider yourself challenged =D

Another series I’ve been wanting to read is Game of Thrones. I’m caught up on the TV show and after reading the first couple of chapters of book one, it seemed like it was following it pretty well so I lost my drive to keep reading. But I have always complained about those people who watched the Harry Potter movies but never read the books & I am determined to not be one of those people! Especially if you end up missing as much as you did with the HPs.

Do you have a book you haven’t been able to get through? Or one that you are afraid to start? Times a wastin!

If you have any book recommendations or want to share your favorites – let us know in the comments =)




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