The Patio Set and a Lesson Learned

I’m sitting in my backyard right now, 20 minutes until I have to go back to work. Sitting on our new patio set and I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched.

With this new patio set came a whole other problem, that really has no connection to the furniture but I will forever reference it together.

On the same beautiful, sunny, happy day that we bought the new patio set, the one at Home Depot that we had been eyeing for a whole year. The only one my husband and I could agree on. On that same day, our private space was violated.

Our idea that we live in a good neighborhood, that our neighbors aren’t as shady as we thought after we moved in, that the halfway house (that we weren’t told about when we purchased the house) across the street was really kind of okay…our trust was shattered.

The faith in our “watchdog”, out the window. Or rather, under the table begging for scraps, which is exactly where he was when a stranger came into our home, while we were outside on the back patio.

We were outside, enjoying our brand new sunset orange lounger patio set with a firepit. We were eating dinner together – laughing and having a grand old time – until we heard that one sound.

The sound that I thought was my mom’s dogs trying to get out of her bedroom (we have to lock then up because they’re worse beggars than our dog, Texas). The sound that we later decided was an uninvited someone actually leaving the house.

I sat outside holding my son as my husband and mom rushed in to see what the noise was. I waited impatiently trying to get the little one to be quiet so they could hear. So I could hear.

Whoever it was, they were gone. The only sign they had been there was the fact that I had closed the front door and turned the porch light on before I had come out back.

When my husband went in the house, the front door was open and the porch light was off.

My husband walked the perimeter of our house and yard with his pistol in hand. We checked all the closets feeling like we were missing something. Like someone was going to jump out at us.

We went to bed with the same feeling.

I know it could have been much worse. And that it has been much worse for others.

Thanks “Big city” – lesson learned. I won’t forget to lock the door again just because someone distracts me. I will always lock my car (although that hasn’t really been an issue). And I probably won’t be walking around the house naked anymore…my husband will be disappointed.

-Small town Texas girl.


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