Motivation Board

We all use Pinterest for many of you use it for motivation? I actually have a board named “Need a Kick in the Bum” because when I am feeling bad about how I look or the lack of gym time (I haven’t been in almost 2 weeks now!) I look up fitness pins. Whether I am looking for work out ideas or simply seeking inspiration towards “a new me”…I can scroll for hours.

Here are my favorites.


you dont have to go fast

sweat more

running arguments

workout eat right

If I am really feeling the need for a “kick in the bum” I actually save these photos to my phone and set whichever one or two are speaking to me the most as my home and lock screen. When I was in high school I would put pictures of the people I wanted to look like (Britney Spears) on my dresser to keep myself motivated.

I like this method better. =)

Obviously, I’m a little biased with the girls in the pictures…I still want to look like Britney.

How do you motivate yourself to workout or eat right?

In case you want to check out the rest of my board…



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